Independence, KY

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Join Our Steel Shooting Series

Do you want to win a new Smith & Wesson M&P Pistol? Then join us for our bimonthly shooting competition! Find out more about the rules and prizes below. No matches are scheduled at this time.

  • You will need to register at Shooter's Supply and Range to participate, and the contest is limited to the first 32 shooters that register and pay per night.

  • $10 per shooter will get you 2 total strings of 7 targets each.

  • The competition is timed. After you hit 7 targets, the range admin will announce your time, and then you will shoot the same string of 7 targets again. Your second time will be added to your first for a total string time.

  • All center fire handguns with open sights are welcome. No red dots or lasers allowed. You can bring your own weapon and ammo or rent ours.

  • The range admin time and judgement is final.

  • The complete rules and regulations will be read or announced to participants prior to each night's match. We reserve the right to change or modify these rules at our discretion without notice.

Speed and accuracy combine steel series rules

Call with any questions you have about this challenge.


Our competitions are held on the first and third Thursday from October 2nd to December 18th

Awarding prizes nightly and seasonally

  • The 3 best shooters will win prizes nightly. The winner of a tie will be determined by timed, 1-string shoot-off with the fastest time winning.

  • Grand prizes will be given to the 3 fastest times that were achieved throughout the season. These times will be determined as the result of the fastest total string time from any 6 series match nights. You can only win 1 prize for your best time, not for multiple times, and grand prize winners are not eligible for the participation raffle.

  • The winner of grand prize ties will be settled in favor of the shooter(s) with the most match participation or by a random draw, if necessary.

  • At the end of the season, a participation raffle will be held at the end of the season. You will get 1 entry for each string you purchased in the drawing for a Stake-n-Shoot target from Challenge Targets.

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